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Trek and Heart Research cause is personal for hike leader Joel

Tuesday 23rd Apr
I grew up playing lots of sports and was very active outdoors, but occasionally I would feel dizzy or faint but never really thought much of it. 

I distinctly remember as a young teenager doing a hard session at the gym on deadlifts and passing out and thinking to myself "wow I went so hard today I passed out...go me LOL" after a checkup with the local GP, nothing was found and years went by, fast forward to wanting to join the army and my second round of medical testing they picked up a slight murmur and assured me "I'm sure it's nothing but you better get it checked out" A few GP visits, Cardiologist appointments and an echocardiogram later and i had been officially diagnosed with having a hole in my atrium of my heart.

This Hole turned out to be 3.2 cm in width and it turns out had been contaminating my oxygenated blood supply with de-oxygenated blood so my body was having moments of stress around oxygen supply and I didn't even know it.

I suppose when you are born with something a certain way, you really don't know any different and amazingly my body had adapted to the hole and my heart on one side had grown to 3 x its intended size. Amazingly I was able to have a device planted to plug the hole and its through amazing heart research like AHR that these improvements to treatment are available.

So now what? Well its been a long time and my heart is working well for now and I want to bring people together for this hike with a shared mission to raise funds and Awareness for AHR & Hey let's have some fun while we are doing it.

Looking back there were signs, and as they say hindsight is 20 / 20 but I've always got that lesson and I have helped a few people along the way not ignore their little signs so that's a good way to pay it forward too.

This June 15th - In Murray Bridge we are joining together to walk an awesome trail, for a great cause.
Get behind this, raise some funds and Let's Trek

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